The Yarnbomb Supreme and The Love of Berkeley

So I was finally ready to sew up my 30 ft yarnbomb.  The Russian agreed to help me which was truly kind of her because she is sort of sick and also working 10 hour days. For people who actually pay her! We decided to sew starting at 2 on Saturday. I needed to make a date with somebody  in order to get out of the house and stop knitting.

I met The Russian at the bike rack across from Earthly Goods.  She was a little delirious. It was sunny ,warm and crowded. It was just what I wanted.

People rarely say anything until a lot of the knitting is sewn up and they can see what it is we are doing. We started taking pictures as we sewed.

People began to ease over to speak with us . It was the most amazing thing. Everyone was pouring love on us . It was like  being  in a bridal reception line.

“Thank you so much for what you’ve done for this town .”

“We’re so glad to meet you after seeing all your work.”

“Is some one paying you to do this? No?  Adorable.”

“I love the knitting you did on the T.”

“No!  We didn’t do that one!”

We did all this yarnbombing in Berkeley because we love it. And we got loved back.

Of course now I have to make a small list.

How To Get Love

1. Go to where the love is. We were out at 2 in the afternoon in our favorite spot.

2. Be patient. We have been installing 10 months.

3. Be relaxed. I am much warmer with people when I  am sewing with The Russian then when I am alone.

4. Sit  lower than everyone else. I think people like  looking down on us.

5.  Be open to being loved.

To me this was The Yarn Bomb Supreme.

An article in Berkeleyside  on this squiggly rack. here

13 thoughts on “The Yarnbomb Supreme and The Love of Berkeley

  1. For the past year my bike has been happy to cozy up to the friendly bus stop kitty-corner from here and has been meaning to thank you, but this new one is nothing less than majestic. Unexpected brightness on a gloomy afternoon…

  2. I just saw this today and posted a photo on my Facebook page. I love it!!!! Thanks so much for making my (and my grandson’s) day.

  3. I’ve been seeing your work around but only just found your blog through I love what you do–thanks! Would love to chip in some crochet, but don’t need another thing on my plate right now. Perhaps over the summer … 🙂

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing this one in person. My kids love spotting your “sign sweaters.” Thank you!

  5. Awesome! To me, you have suceeded brilliantly in using an elegant craft to communicate. It’s so cool what a change you make in the space by just adding the yarn! From boring gray bureaucratic steel blending in to swoops of warm snuggly colors a bike just longs to lean against.

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