Yarnbombing, Bike Racks and Cranky Bikers

I enjoyed reading The Berkeleyside article about this bike rack. I was surprised-there were a lot of comments. The internet is always the place to go for a refreshing little argument. I wanted to squeeze in and give all my opinions too but I thought I might lose my air of dignity. But now I must comment.

Some people were worried that the pieces would get old and icky. One person announced that the knitting would disintegrate in just a few days. { I’d kind of like to see if that was possible} Some people are tired of yarnbombing . And flash mobs.But it’s was the bikers who commented the most. They were very interested in the Question- “Yarnbombing -Does it  really make a better bike rack? Yes or No? ”

There was some disagreement.

My interest is this –  how the knitting looks so jazzy and surprising on that long wave. I ‘m interested in how  the cold metal feels with the soft yielding wool.  I like the surprise of such a big colorful piece of knitting on the street. I like how it makes people stop  and stand and look.

Bikes are very cool looking machines. I really really like how the complex bikes look against the patterned knitting. The world looks so amazing when you’re open.

Our first bike rack at CCA. With bikes.

It’s  all one sculpture-bike rack with yarnbomb and bikes.

Here is The Sf. Gate blog with comments.

3 thoughts on “Yarnbombing, Bike Racks and Cranky Bikers

  1. I agree with you about the juxtaposition of bikes and knitting. As a bike rider and fan of yarnbombing, I’d love to lock my bike on a cozy, jazzed up bike rack. I haven’t seen any here in Newark, Delaware. But I’ve seen a couple in Philadelphia.

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