Yarnbombing And Obsession

Here are 7 yarnbombs I am taking with me to North Carolina where I will yarnbomb Charlotte, Asheville and Gatlinberg, Tenn. And learn how to make glass beads!

Yes- Yarnbombs and Obsession. I do love everything about yarnbombing.

When I am interested in something I do it very intensely. I live by these 3 quotes ;

1. You can’t spend too much on art materials.

2. If a little of something is good, more is better.

3. It never hurts to be enthusiastic!

I’ve actually already been through one round already of obsessing about knitting and spinning in which I recklessly bought needles, spindles, spinning wheel and yarn. I spend 10,000 dollars on knitting stuff that year, I seem to recall. There-now don’t you feel better ?

I love the process of being bad at something and steadily getting better. Many people hate the being bad to start so much that they don’t want to learn new skills. But you can’t get better if you don’t start kind of bad.

Ok- So obsession. If you adore something and do it gleefully all the time is it obsession? Or addition? Or passion? I’ve always wanted to spend almost all my time making art.  I do get anxious and  whiny if I don’t get to knit and spin, so maybe it is an addiction.

I thought you might like to see some of the yarn I use.  You can see that it  has that tender look of handspun.

I would like to mention that besides yarnbombing I am also obsessed with Lindt dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt, Project Runway , Jim Butcher ‘s Harry Dresden novels,the chocolate covered almonds at The Cheeseboard, Squeak Carnwath, chocolate pudding, yoga and Frank Stella.

I can’t wait to get up in the morning.

Here is a fun story of  a yarnbombing. Here is another picture.

4 thoughts on “Yarnbombing And Obsession

  1. Here at the Lark Crafts offices in Asheville, we publish books about knitting and other handcrafts, so when Streetcolor showed up yesterday in front of our building to yarnbomb the nearest parking meter, we were thrilled. A reporter from the Asheville Citizen Times even showed up to interview the artist. As for the parking meter, it’s beautiful! Thanks, Streetcolor!

  2. Oh no! I missed an installation. We just returned from Gatlinburg a couple of weeks ago. We will be in the area again in July. If it is still there, I will get to see my first yarnbomb in person.

  3. I just found out about “yarn bombing” tonight…and I have not been this excited or interested in anything in a long time! I just googled Asheville Yarn Bombing to find the Lark Crafts article (written today! :D) and I can’t tell you how much I love this. I’ve never seen a yarn bomb in person…and now I am totally going to yarn bomb something…and hopefully not ever stop. Hahaha. Thanks, Streetcolor! You are truly inspiring in your obsession.

  4. Thanks for this…I have been without a computer since almost the first of the year and have a lot of catching up to do on my correspondce…

    But, since I wasn’t spending as much time online I had to do something, so, I attended a ‘Spinners & Weavers Guild’ show and actually won a free spindle and lesson…(How cool was that???)…

    Well, naturally I now am spinning away the hours…checked out a bunch of library books on the subject and got a good foundation going for spinning my own yarn. I just have to practice practice practice to get a nice smooth, yarn…

    Can’t wait to see what else you have going on and the results of your yarn bombing on your travels…

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