Yarnbombing And The Future of Museums

I was exhilarated when Elizabeth Merritt from The Future Of Museums Center wrote and invited me to write a guest blog on museums and spontaneous outbursts of art-i.e. yarnbombing . The other writers were Barbara Stauffer – a curator at The National Museum of Natural History who curated The Hyperbolic Reef Show and Maria Morti who created The Sf Mobile Museum. I was so satisfied and touched to get included with them and excited to talk about yarnbombing a little more seriously. I mean more seriously than ” How Cute”.

It’s interesting to think about the future of museums. I had mostly just wished they would show more painting and have better deserts. I read The Future Of Museums report on museums in 2034 and liked the idea of museums being a refuge.

I think street art and peoples art is part of the future of museums.  Imagine if everyone made their own museum. What would be in them?

I make my yarnbombs like any artist- I just want to get to see what I want to see. I love that I can go so directly into any environment and quickly make it softer , more domestic and personal and funnier.

I tried to be serious when I wrote my blog entry for The Future Of Museums but I ‘m afraid I was my regular jokey self. Read it here.</p

3 thoughts on “Yarnbombing And The Future of Museums

  1. Such an interesting and thoughtful entry. Who does get to choose what we see as art? Even in museums, acceptance into a show is determined by a jury or a board. What is the criteria? SInce “Street art varies in quality as does all art,” what is the determination that makes something “art” and something else unworthy of being seen? I love the issues you raise, even while being your “jokey self.” And it was fun to see pictures of the museum yarnbombs all together!

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