Yarnbombing And Talking About Art

  First I want to write about how I made this. I was inspired by the show “Glee”. They sing mash ups of songs, putting 2 completely different songs together and singing back and forth between them. I wanted to put many different color styles together, stripes from fused glass, stripes from Picasso, patterns from African textiles, pastel Easter stripes, table cloth checkerboards, black and white jazzy stripes and color bleeds. Picasso said that every artist really has only one idea and my passion is for patterns next to each other. { What do you think your one great idea is? }

I knit in a marathon way for a month, all day and night with breaks for lifting weights so I don’t blow out my wrists.

When I read internet comments on this piece some suggest that this is a waste of time. I have thought that scooting around the internet saying harsh things is not a great use of time but perhaps they enjoy it. Knitting a lot is a very slow and calm use of time , the day goes by in many round moments.

There was a lot of discussion about this big bike rack on blogs and Twitter.{  I really don’t understand Twitter-How does it work?} I make art and put it out in public so everyone can see it and hopefully think about it and talk about it for a moment. I like that yarnbombing is something that lots of people have opinions about , I think if every one gets to talk you get a true democracy and lots of energy and creativity. And this is a strength of our age-everyone can talk. When someone comes on a site and says something hateful it can shut every one up. Any thing that shuts us up is not for life .

They have some really good singers and dancers on Glee and they make my hair stand on end. I also love when they have Flash mobs and every one dances. Yarnbombing lets anyone knit and put it out in the world and it also allows for some really extravagant expression. I want great singing and dancing and also everyone dancing and getting to speak.

There was a lot of blogging last week when this got around the internet. I liked that it was mentioned on library and bike rack sites.

A bike site here.

An architecture site here

This is a museum project I have been working on here.

3 thoughts on “Yarnbombing And Talking About Art

  1. Me and the other knitting librarians I know were very pleased by this one in particular. I went specifically to the library to see this last week, and I also stopped by to see the other bike rack knit you did. I love the mix of colors and patterns that these have, and I think the squiggly bike racks are an inspired choice!

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