Yarnbombing Orinda and Cheering Up

” Do you know I’m crazy?” I ask my partner as I come in the door.

“Oh yes ” he says matter of factly as he looks into his silver computer. ” But it’s a good kind of crazy . ”

I had realized I was crazy when I was  measuring the Bart train. I have this idea of yarnbombing a Bart train -which is completely ludicrous , which makes me think it’s a great idea. I  crawling around  behind the Bart seat measuring and I noticed the other passengers were looking at me a little nervously. It made me want to laugh because I looked so silly but I thought that might worry every one  even more.

So you all know there was a New York Times article on yarnbombing and I wasn’t in it. I really moped about this , moped and also pouted. I tried many  methods to cheer myself up.

1. I looked at pictures of my baby friend smiling at me. I also watched a short video of her chewing on her small suede shows.

2. I told myself ” You win some  , you lose some. It’s not about winning or losing , it’s how you play the game. I just want to win one for the team. Soon I was happily imagining myself as a baseball player.

3. I whined and complained on Facebook.

4. I asked everyone for sympathy. This was actually extremely satisfying.

5. My best friend told me  “Go home and think about The Civil War! ” I always like to think about The Civil War.

Then  I went out to The Orinda Public Library and yarnbombed their bike rack.

My partner The Pied Piper and I had driven all over the Diablo area looking for good bike racks for me to yarnbomb. We went to Lafayette and looked at their library which had beautiful railings but no bike racks. We went to 2 Bart stations but they were too harsh. We were driving back to Berkeley when my partner said ” How about Orinda ? ”

So we pulled off   Highway  24 and drove into Orinda.

What a sweet place! Lots of big, green, rustling trees. Great old theater , a cupcake store and ” Europa “-a European Hofbrau with the best reuben sandwiches. We had  a chocolate and a vanilla cupcake and we started to leave and I said  ” Can we just stop for a sec and look at their library? I hear it has a cafe ! ”

So we raced over to the library , I ran over to the entrance and there was a big court yard full of sculpture  and a 4 loop bike rack , my favorite kind. Amazing.

So I went back on Sunday and yarnbombed it.  Betsy helped me , she says she doesn’t have a library degree so I shouldn’t call her The Librarian. She does have fantastic sewing skills.

I like this bike rack but it is a little busy. I seem to be  entering my rococo phase.

  Today’s blog links- An Italian blog about yarnbombing  here .

Another yarnbombing blog here .

9 thoughts on “Yarnbombing Orinda and Cheering Up

  1. We live near Orinda and read about your yarnbombing in the Lamorinda Patch. LOVE your work! Please do something in Lafayette?

  2. We are so excited that you did this in our town! My daughter could not pull herself away from it when we passed by the other day. We stopped for a good 15 minutes! Wonderful 🙂

  3. Come yardbomb my house! Seriously…love it! Please come back and do something in Lafayette. I’m heading to Orinda to see it in person!

  4. Love the colors — go rococo! When I first glimpsed it, I thought the Arts Council had installed another art piece (I think it’s at least as good as some of the other pieces.)

  5. Your work is lovely. I love it’s zany rococo spirit and the Facebook share may have gained you as much recognition & notoriety as the NYT. Be of good heart I’ll be sharing this with my 200 friends and undoubtedly they’ll share too. That’s a lot if publicity from 1 shared fb page.

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