Yarnbombing – The Word

The term ” yarnbomb ” comes out of graffiti , ” bomb ” means putting up a bunch of tags in one area . When people ask me what I’m doing  I say “Yarnbombing ” And often they quickly nod , they’ve heard of it . But I don’t think what I’m doing is graffiti really. It’s street art  made with knitting.

The Russian and I put up this rack on Sunday. We met at 2.oo and it was extremely bright and hot . I had forgotten we are so close to the Equinox ,  it was like sitting in a bowl of bright light for 4 hours. Some of you might recognize this rack-we put up a piece on this same rack 3 months ago . Someone had taken down part of the old piece and just left  one little strip . This is a strange story .  I had noticed that lots of my yarnbombs were coming down all at once -5 or 6 at a time , entire installations.  I thought the city was spring cleaning . This was nerve racking . This bike rack got only partly taken down which  suggested it wasn’t the city . I count on Berkeley’s tolerance to do my bigger stuff , so it would be bad if the city decided that there would be no more yarnbombing .

After some time I got an e-mail from an anonymous knitter saying that they were taking down my pieces and sewing a blanket with them as a commentary on public and private art . They showed me the blanket with my yarnbombs all cut up and sewn together .  I was so pained to recognize  so much of my work all cut up. I wrote back and asked them not to do this-I wanted to make something myself with the old pieces.  So all that made me want to put up another new piece on this same rack . Plus I just really like this rack .

So back to the word yarnbombing . This word is getting used for lots of different things –  for big legal public commissions , for gallery artists who crochet and knit , for knitting put up at big craft stores  , for knitting done for big corporations , for knitting in peoples’ gardens -I even saw someone describe a knitted dolls’ dress as a yarnbomb . All of this is good  and interesting and exciting but  I don’t think it’s exactly yarnbombing.

To me the word yarnbombing means knitting that is put up subversively-you don’t have permission , it’s done for free as a gift , it’s out on the street for everyone to see , it’s art without walls , art that’s not for sale , art just for pleasure .

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Yarnbombing Bart and Power

  I’ve gotten interested in how art gives us this power in  the outside world . When I first put up yarnbombing on a street I was startled by how   the street changed , the domestic  colorful knitting made the street look new .  A lot of people stopped and fiddled around with the knitting for a moment , they would get in a more cheerful state .  I thought you had to go through layers of permission to change a city-with yarnbombing you don’t.  Yarnbombing didn’t hurt anything so I continued on with my strange new power.

I wanted to knit a seat cover for the sorry seats on Bart . We are famous here in the Bay Area for our disheveled  Bart Seats .  Man , I would have loved to knit the whole train – it would have been so graffitish –  but I’m going to need some help for that .  I began riding around on the train to get my measurements.

It’s interesting to watch people on Bart , everyone is trying to stay private with their books and newspapers , ipods and knitting , looking out the window, dozing .  Everyone is trying to make things a little more pleasant for themselves .We know we have this power to make our own lives a little happier. I wanted to suggest that we have a power to make the whole train better.

Have you seen the pictures of people bringing their own chairs on Bart ? Someone had even brought a padded armchair. I thought it would be fresh if we all made art covers and put them on the seats instead of waiting patiently and numbly for Bart to meditate itself to a solution . I would love to make one hundred covers.

So I have been riding around on Bart sitting on my nice clean knitted cover .   I fold it up and carry it off  when I get home . You can make any situation better with a little art.

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Yarnbombing On International Yarnbombing Day – A Torrent of Knitting

I was standing on the Bart platform at 10.30 waiting for the train to come so I  could yarnbomb it. The night was balmy and  dark , everything looked vivid , bright and shiny. I was in that jittery ,  hyper acute state I get in before I yarnbomb . This is  state I treasure and also dread. I had knit a slipcover for a Bart seat for International Yarnbombing Day.

I had been riding the Bart train to no where a lot lately , measuring the seats repeatedly , making little drawings, taking pictures , draping bits of knitting here and there  . A  knitted cover for a Bart seat had seemed like a brilliant idea 4 weeks ago-such a witty comment on the collapsing state of the Bart seats .  How hard could it be ?

I had been knitting furiously all day and all month  .  I had knit relentlessly all through our vacation much to my partners surprise  . I had knit all the pieces when I noticed they were all curling up into little snails . Knitting curling at the edges  ! I knew about this but I had forgotten because I sew everything I   knit onto poles. So I had to very determinedly knit flat borders all around each piece .  And figure how the heck to make round corners.

  As I sat knitting and spinning all day for the last month trying to get this yarnbomb made by June 11 I often thought how ridiculous it was to be doing this . But I knew at a very young age that almost everything we do is just something someone made up to do – almost every thing we do is to entertain ourselves. We are all just trying to have  a good and happy life.

I like to yarnbomb.

So here it was Sat. June 11 and I had to get this yarnbomb on that train before midnight  .  Having to knit and sew seams so fast was making me much more confident and aggressive . This is an excellent reason to take on big projects. And there – I was done !

So we are back at the Bart station and the train comes along and I get on. I open up my little purple backpack and pull out this  big voluptuous piece of knitting .  Half way through knitting the slipcover I had realized  that I really liked it and wanted to keep it . Usually it is a mark of yarnbombing flair and confidence that you put up a piece and let it be taken down immediately if the fates decree .  But I couldn’t stand the idea of the knitting being up for only an hour and being thrown away.  So I had made a slipcover that I could put on and remove .  I took it out of my bag and slipped it on the seat.

” That’s a good idea  ” said the woman next to me. ” The seats are dirty ! ”

‘I know ” I said ” This is my little artistic comment on the problem ”

Everyone else very politely ignored us. I too k pictures and then folded the  cover back up to use in future yarnbombing adventures.

I want to mention that I was inspired to do this by Ish knits yarnbombing  The Blue Line in Philadelphia .  I like the idea of artists commenting on each others work .  I also want to thank The Russian and Brenda Loreman for helping me knit this.

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Yarnbombing and Art – Phase 4

One morning a woman in Alberta , Canada  named Joann Matvichuk got out of bed and announced “June 11 shall be International Yarnbombing Day. ”

And knitters all over the world murmured ” Ok- Good. We’ll get right on it ” and started knitting yarnbombs. Really , all over the world . This is fascinating , provocative and a little surreal.

I am one years old today- I started yarnbombing a year ago -June 2010. Like all one year olds , I am reflecting deeply on the meaning of life and I have some thoughts on the meaning of yarnbombing as an art . I went to art school and  I have theories.

Yarnbombing Phase 1.       ” Wow knitting looks great outside ! ” phase.

The first yarnbomb I made was 12 inches long and was yellow stripes. I thought it looked fantastic and looked out my door every 10 minutes to admire it. Knitting on a pole-How astonishing ! Why didn’t I ever think of that before !

Yarnbombing Phase 2.   ”   Yarnbombing Everywhere as a Celebration of Place . ”

I got the hang of spending all my time thinking about yarnbombing and knitted non stop .  I looked at all my favorite places in Berkeley and went around decorating them with knitting. It was like a knitted map of how I travel to the same gardens, shops,and bakeries. I loved seeing my knitting all over town , loved the cheerful personal look of the knitted street and loved that everyone was accepting me doing this.Yarnbombing Phase 3       ” Knitting can be Fancy ”

I loved knitted color on a pole and the  protected , soothing, relaxing sensation that I got looking at the wool.   I wanted to get more dimensional and show off some knitting tricks.  We began knitting in ruffles , loops , pleats , gathers ,bobbles and a very few cables. { By we I mean The Russian , my assistant was  too. } This was a long phase, poles look so good in ruffles -the foundation of the fashion industry! We were blitzing certain favorite Berkeley areas-putting up 5 or 6 pieces at a time. This was also the phase when newspapers and blogs started mentioning us. This is totally addicting. As if the yarnbombing wasn’t addicting enough already.

A lot if this was fueled by a long standing passion for knitting and spinning-I handspin all the yarn to get the 7o colors I want. I think a lot of yarnbombers need to knit a lot and yarnbombing gives a limitless scope. It also gives a yarnbomber an audience for knitting that is brand new and often enthusiastic. Who would have thought so many people would  like knit graffiti ?

I went to Paris twice in phase 3 and yarnbombed that glorious city. I’d never imagined a city that was a work of art and so devoted to leisure. The whole city had the exciting and peaceful quality that I loved in my knitted installations.

And finally-in phase 3 I started Facebooking and blogging and entered that world of steady , constant, shallow pleasure.

Yarnbombing Phase 4     “Yarnbombing  As Art  ”

Somebody decided that Berkeley needed bike racks on every corner and bike racks appeared everywhere. I thought it would be better if they were knitted , especially the long waving racks. The long curved shapes had more surface to cover with color and pattern. They looked like sculpture to me when they were done. I loved looking at them and wanted to camp at their base to study them . The really big racks had a presence that charged the street up. I started to think about what makes something art and I felt that the racks had   qualities of art-they were beautiful , challenging , powerful  and the knitting made them charming and inoffensive .

Yarnbombing is Art With Out Walls , a  preoccupation of art for the last 80 years.