Yarnbombing On International Yarnbombing Day – A Torrent of Knitting

I was standing on the Bart platform at 10.30 waiting for the train to come so I  could yarnbomb it. The night was balmy and  dark , everything looked vivid , bright and shiny. I was in that jittery ,  hyper acute state I get in before I yarnbomb . This is  state I treasure and also dread. I had knit a slipcover for a Bart seat for International Yarnbombing Day.

I had been riding the Bart train to no where a lot lately , measuring the seats repeatedly , making little drawings, taking pictures , draping bits of knitting here and there  . A  knitted cover for a Bart seat had seemed like a brilliant idea 4 weeks ago-such a witty comment on the collapsing state of the Bart seats .  How hard could it be ?

I had been knitting furiously all day and all month  .  I had knit relentlessly all through our vacation much to my partners surprise  . I had knit all the pieces when I noticed they were all curling up into little snails . Knitting curling at the edges  ! I knew about this but I had forgotten because I sew everything I   knit onto poles. So I had to very determinedly knit flat borders all around each piece .  And figure how the heck to make round corners.

  As I sat knitting and spinning all day for the last month trying to get this yarnbomb made by June 11 I often thought how ridiculous it was to be doing this . But I knew at a very young age that almost everything we do is just something someone made up to do – almost every thing we do is to entertain ourselves. We are all just trying to have  a good and happy life.

I like to yarnbomb.

So here it was Sat. June 11 and I had to get this yarnbomb on that train before midnight  .  Having to knit and sew seams so fast was making me much more confident and aggressive . This is an excellent reason to take on big projects. And there – I was done !

So we are back at the Bart station and the train comes along and I get on. I open up my little purple backpack and pull out this  big voluptuous piece of knitting .  Half way through knitting the slipcover I had realized  that I really liked it and wanted to keep it . Usually it is a mark of yarnbombing flair and confidence that you put up a piece and let it be taken down immediately if the fates decree .  But I couldn’t stand the idea of the knitting being up for only an hour and being thrown away.  So I had made a slipcover that I could put on and remove .  I took it out of my bag and slipped it on the seat.

” That’s a good idea  ” said the woman next to me. ” The seats are dirty ! ”

‘I know ” I said ” This is my little artistic comment on the problem ”

Everyone else very politely ignored us. I too k pictures and then folded the  cover back up to use in future yarnbombing adventures.

I want to mention that I was inspired to do this by Ish knits yarnbombing  The Blue Line in Philadelphia .  I like the idea of artists commenting on each others work .  I also want to thank The Russian and Brenda Loreman for helping me knit this.

I was in Time magazine this week here.

You should also see all the amazing yarnbombing that was done all over the world here.

13 thoughts on “Yarnbombing On International Yarnbombing Day – A Torrent of Knitting

  1. Nicely Done! Much better than the Philly yarnbomb… but isn’t it supposed to stay? Loved the Library Bike Rack too… and congrats on Time!

  2. I wish I were on that BART with you. Did you leave it on a couple stops at all? How you feeling today about having taken it off? I agree it is a profound experience putting up a piece and letting go of what happens to it. I contemplate that often. Keep up the beautiful bombing –

  3. This is so beautiful, I’m glad you didn’t leave it on the train to be thrown out. I participated at the last minute this year and it was so much fun, I hope to plan in advance and do it again next year

  4. I love it! I’m not in the SF Bay area any more but I can totally agree with how dirty those seats get! One would think that they would have thought of a removable seat cover so that they could wash it. 😦

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    • Hey Jennifer… how about making one for Sound Transit’s Light Rail? I know those seats aren’t skanky yet, but give ’em time…

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