Yarnbombing And Change

Last weekend I went to a big wedding and saw some old friends that I hadn’t sen in a long time . This was good , they hadn’t heard of yarnbombing before so I could talk a lot about it . I look forward to this -my regular friends and my sweetheart are already hearing as much about yarnbombing as anyone could possibly stand .

So we were sitting at a table after dinner eating cake. We really had a lot of cake , the wedding cake had 3 layers –  carrot , chocolate with white frosting and red velvet . I think we had 3 pieces of each and Beverly had gotten me a glass of milk too . I was talking about the Oakland Museum of California installation. We have 7  bannisters  , 2 chairs and one bench knitted. We have one bench , 8 short bannisters and a tree to go. I’m also organizing a street show of International yarnbombers for the streets of Oakland – I have 6 pieces for that so far. { I know some of you know all this already and I am repeating myself –  but maybe some people don’t know yet !}

I was talking about imagining your biggest dreams -letting your imagination go as far as it could , make it really wild , really big . { I got this idea  from my writer friend N. } My big idea right now is to take big rolls of chain link fence and bead them and put them out on the street and in galleries.

My friends were listening nicely to this and Holtz said ” That’s great -I think about my great ideas but then I think that I would fail if I tried them !”

” Yes -I know what you mean -I think about it differently now . I think about my ideas and I think –

How would I need to change in order to be able to do that idea ?”

Everyone thought about that for a moment and then we took our cake and went outside and danced the last 2 wedding dances .

So we are looking at pictures of the knitting for the bannisters for the Oakland Museum installation. The Oakland Standard has put up a page about this installation here.

One of my yarnbombs was on  ABC News Good Morning America   last Thursday . This seems like it would be very exciting but it was kind of silly . And they mislabeled my yarnbomb as Domus , N. Y. instead of Streetcolor. Sorry Dad.   You can take a look here.

3 thoughts on “Yarnbombing And Change

  1. Loved your post about dreaming big.
    It seems so silly to discourage ourselves even before starting.

    And it is so much more FUN to let the creativity flow freely.
    Most inspiring. Thank you!

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