Yarnbombing And Little Gifts

‘It’s 100 degrees in Palm Springs “my brother told me . We were all going to Palm Springs for a family reunion and I was wondering about the temperature. 100 degrees ! That didn’t sound like a good temperature . That sounded like we were all going to fry like little eggs !

“Oh , it’s dry heat ‘my brother continued dryly.’You can sit in the pool . So – Are you going to yarnbomb while you are here ?”

‘Um , sure. I can bring something .” I said . Most of the tags I have are 15 ft skinny bannister covers for the Oakland Museum .

“Maybe you could yarnbomb the house itself !’

Hmm , that actually sounded fun and like a good little house warming gift for the owner . I had been seeing yarnbombing in Roche Bobois catalogues. I wanted to yarnbomb my own house but I always want more fame and glory than I can get for that .

We flew to Palm Springs and were driven to our vacation house . The house and pool and tennis court and 2 waterfalls and hot tub and 6 bathrooms were supreme. I had never seen a house with an outdoor kitchen . There were so many bedrooms that I could never find mine. The lighting was done by a Broadway theater lighting guy. I just stood around lighting things .  This house definitely needed a little yarnbomb.

I decided to yarnbomb one of the pool chairs. I wanted something pretty that you would notice –  but subtle , nothing very aggressive.

I thought it was a good little gift . Knitting is always about giving gifts to the people you love . Yarnbombing is also a gift – just to a wider and more unsuspecting audience . I like the idea of going to friend’s houses and sneaking off and yarnbombing their furniture.

This little vacation in Palm Springs was a gift.  To be with lots of people you love all at once -what could be more complete ? I try to remember that all of life is a gift to enjoy. I remember this about once a month .

And dry heat ? Great.

A little yarnbombing link here.

2 thoughts on “Yarnbombing And Little Gifts

  1. I’m always amused by your adventures. Hopefully the house owner will see your work before the weather gets to it.

    If you need help installing at the museum, I’m happy to volunteer. Just email me. Figure I can hold the pieces at least as straight as the lady who insisted on helping you at the library. Saw mention of your project on the museum website. Fame is in your grasp.

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