Yarnbombing Berkeley -Tie Dyed Tree # 2

blue tiedyed tree 2I was having a lot of trouble getting myself to put up my tie dyed felts on the trees of Berkeley. I kept wondering what would get me to start. Time was passing and it was getting closer to our rainy season when it would no longer be reasonable to hang felt outside.

So I tried scolding myself ” Don’t be a weenie ! ” I would say every morning. That never works.

So I thought about how I could support myself and make smaller goals. I decided to load all my sewing gear, cameras , step ladder and duffel of felt into the back of my ancient Isuzu Trooper so that I would have it all if I got the urge to vandalize. Than I told myself that I could just go and try out the felt on a tree, no sewing. Then I finally started putting them up.

I seem to be able to put up one tree a day. I sew them up at night. It’s very balmy at night here in Oct and I listen to the crickets .This is my second  tie dyed tree  on Solano and Colusa.

bluetiedyed tree

5 thoughts on “Yarnbombing Berkeley -Tie Dyed Tree # 2

  1. What a lovely surprise! I just now was walking down Colusa from Solano and saw two beautifully dressed trees. Cheered me up immensely. Thanks!

  2. Saw them today – at first I thought they were covered in paper or maybe t-shirt knit, but when I got closer….the felt is so fabulous! Love these.

  3. Love Love Love it! I saw the 2 wrapped trees by Solano and Colusa. Public art warms my soul and lifts up my heart. I support you one thousand percent. Did you also do the knitted wraps on metal poles? The juxtaposition of materials is striking and playful. The felt on trees looks like a warm sweater and I believe the trees are smiling inside! Imagine the world where beauty gets to be everywhere….

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