Yarnbombing ; Tie Dyed Trees #3, #4

IMG_1677Trees 3 and 4 , can you see the red tree in the background ?


I really like seeing all 3 trees in a row on Colusa Ave. It turns the corner into a little stage set.

I’m always grateful for people’s explanations of what I’m up too. I was putting up another felt tree tonight an a car full of people parked right next to me and got out and looked in silence for a long time. ” Getting ready for Halloween ?” the man finally said encouragingly.

” Oh for sure ” I said relieved. Although sadly, it has nothing to do with Halloween.

Sewing up these tiedyed trees at night has felt a lot more dubious than sewing knitting onto poles or should I say I feel more criminal. I can’t tell if this is a step forward or not. Mainly I like to see the finished trees, it’s thrilling to have the nerve again.

2 thoughts on “Yarnbombing ; Tie Dyed Trees #3, #4

  1. Absolutely wonderful for Colusa Avenue. It is fabulous that you have gone into a new venture – at least new means of displaying your marvelous art. (I wonder whether the new venture is really Yarnbombing, but then what do I know. Bird came for a visit. He had a speaking gig in Buffalo and so we got to spend time with him. I wound up driving him to Buffalo and back. All fun. We had our first frost this morning, though the sun is now out and everything is beautiful. OK- the Redsox won the first game. They seem to be in the driver’s seat. Much love. Hoffer

  2. I love the Tie Dyed Trees on Colusa Avenue. I own the Thousand Oaks Art Gallery across the street from them and am jealous that our tree is not wrapped like them.


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