Yarnbombing And Beaded Fences

Why have male artists  often been more successful than female artists ?  I think one reason is that men can be more comfortable using many people’s energy for their ideas . Woman can fall into caretaking everyone in the group . This drains a woman’s energy  instead of building it . Men can sometimes drain the group for themselves . This makes for big projects and miserable groups. I know that it is possible for a group to build a strong , exciting energy that inspires everyone and doesn’t exploit anyone . I’m thinking about how to do this for my large streetart installations .

When I started yarnbombing I really didn’t want to have a crew . I wanted to make art that was about my own fun – not about how supportive could I be to everyone else .   I wanted to be known as Streetcolor ,  I wanted to get some anonymous fame . Later I joined with The Russian and I found working with a partner made me more daring  and got me to yarnbomb every week.  And  it was more fun to yarnbomb with someone .   If I could resist thinking I had to take care of her .

After I had fully satisfied my needs for attention I started to have new needs. I needed to make really big installations that I could do with  a museum and I persuaded The Oakland Museum Of California through The Oakland Standard to let me yarnbomb their building. This installation is taking 6 knitters for the inside and over 18 for the outside . I’m really enjoying this bigger energy-everyone having fun as one – everyone supported by art.

Yarnbombing has taught me that the  whole world is an art gallery . I have been looking at chain link fences for years wanting to bead them . I started beading these fences a few weeks ago near my home . I like the contrast of the coarse barren metal with the shining delicate beads ,you have to come close to the fence to see all the beauty of beads . Now I want to cover the whole world with beads.