Yarnbombing Oakland -Inside and Out

So I have a commission to yarnbomb The Oakland Museum of California in mid Oct . I will be doing this through The Oakland Standard . More about them here . I will be yarnbombing the 4 bannisters in the front of the building out on the street , the 3 bannisters going down into the building ,  bannisters going down into the garden , 2 benches and 2 chairs that are part of  the architectural Jensen installation. And maybe a tree.  All handspun yarn .

The reason that this installation is so extreme is this .  I came up with it and I wanted it to be really big – something that would be big enough that it wouldn’t make me think about knitting and yarnbombing in a whole new way . Too big to be just ‘cute ‘

So now I go around begging my friends to help me knit .  I now have  Brenda Loreman , The Russian , Hargus Rose , The Fibrarian , and Anna Wong all knitting . And I spin all the time . And watch ” Star Trek Next Generation .”

It’s interesting to me how I get really excited and then really doubtful ,alternating . We tend to swerve away from what we really want .

This yarnbombing installation will go up in mid Oct 2011 and will be up for a month . I am so impressed with The Oakland Museum of California -this could be a first -yarnbombing the building of a museum inside and out .

International Yarnbombing Show On The Streets of Oakland , Ca.

At the same time this installation is up I want to put up a yarnbombing street art show using the streets of Oakland as a gallery . I am asking for yarnbombs from all over the world , signed by their artists with names and countries and I will sew them up on street poles , bike racks , parking meters , lamp posts and fences . I need tags that are 7.5 inches around { stretches measurement so they don’t slide down } and 4 to 8 ft long . I want people to get to see the amazing things you can do with knitting and crocheting f , so I’m hoping for ruffles , flowers , fairisle , cables , buttons , bobbles , protrusions  and lots of color .

I need yarnbombs to start coming around Oct 10 so I can start installing . I will take pictures and post them and documant the whole deal

Turning a city into a gallery of knitted street art at the same time a museum has an installation- I like what this says about art , knitting , street art , out new global internet life , freedom and doing what you want .

You may reach me at http://www.streetcolorart.gmail.com  and I will give you a mailing address. { Don’t want to tell everyone who I truly am ! }

i just got a message on Facebook from Dagmar Reichardt that she will help me reach knitters in Germany and Japan. Oh my.

How to Have Fun As a Yarnbomber

How to have more fun as a yarnbomber? This is so obvious ,you must be thinking, yarnbombing being fun itself. Well this is very true,yet I still often forget to relax and have fun. So I will make a list.

1. Use your most exciting idea.

Director Betty of Gallery Route One wrote me and asked me if we could yarnbomb the 2 poles right in front of their gallery. Yes, I knew these poles, I had eyeballed them when we had yarnbombed a bannister in Pt. Reyes last fall. I instantly wanted to knit 2 very simple long brightly striped pieces for those 2 big poles. 2 poles right next to each other, how exciting. I pushed aside all my previous very important ideas.

2. Knit a lot. All the time.

I had been knitting kind of slowly on some ruffles. If you want to be really happy you must make art all the time. Hours and hours. Every day.

3.Use fabulous colors in great profusion.

I have cardboard boxes filled with  all the yarn I’ve spun , about 100 colors. I dumped them out on the floor, lined them up and rolled out  huge balls of colors. And then I knit, knit, knit. Ken Burns documentaries on baseball or The Civil War are good for knitting.

4. Be spontaneous.

5. Get in your car and drive somewhere exciting.

6. Don’t be a weenie.

I finished knitting these 2 exceedingly long pieces and wanted to put them up right away. But I didn’t want to have to drive an hour and a half out to Pt. Reyes. I tried to shoe horn my partner into driving me and The Russian, but shockingly he chose to go to work. So I told myself-go have FUN! Get in the car and drive ! Don’t be a weenie!

7.Enjoy the drive.

I really enjoyed the drive.

8.Appreciate weather, what ever it is.

It was sunny and balmy on the streets of PT. Reyes. And it was cold and windy on the corner as we sewed. It all feels good. I had to lend The Russian my angora beret. again.

9. Keep remembering to stop ,breath, look around and keep having fun.

10.Go to the Bovine bakery .

The navy bean and acorn squash soup is a good choice and get a peanut butter chocolate chip blondie for the ride home. The  harvest  moon was the best The Russian had ever seen.

They looked really good.