yarnbombing The Oakland Museum – Part 6

I have been an artist all my life , well since I was 10 , so I have been swiping ideas from other artists all my life .  This is what I do – I find an artist that I think is great and that I can’t stop looking at . Then I make 3 pieces where I copy their work exactly. Then I make 3 pieces of work using what I learned ,  but to my own eye.

This is a great exercise and I think you should try it. It works for writing , filming  , painting , photography ,wire work and of course , yarnbombing .

This yarnbombed bench was from a painter – Squeak Carnwath.

I wanted to refer to The Oakland Museum collection and this bench was it . Squeak Carnwath works with a lot of checkerboards, earth tones and pure primaries and 9 squares floating in black . I rummaged through several painting and picked out thoughts and laid them out and then Liz Serrano knit up 3 squares . They were very hard to install.

I don’t care about being original – I care about learning and becoming more agile. If I truly love an artist there is something of me in them already .

What did I learn from doing this whole big museum installation ? Am I glad I did it ? Was it what I hoped it would be ?

Well I am glad I did it , I thought it looked terrific when it was all up and it did change the feeling of the museum . I had hoped to know more what people felt about it , I’m told people loved it –  but I don’t know what they thought  in any detail . I am very grateful for all the work so many of my friends put into it .  There is something more that I want from it – to get it over more clearly that any part of life can be softer and more relaxed and more beautiful . The knitting says this for me.