Crocker Museum Knitted pole , Sacramento

I wanted to drive up to Sacramento and see the Wayne Thiebaud retrospective at The Crocker Museum. I had never been to The Crocker Museum and thought it was an old fusty space. Well the Crocker is brand new and totally spectacular, wonderful contemporary art collection with lots and lots of Thiebaud.  I especially loved a print he did of a daffodil. He is such a master of painting and his subject matter is pure joy.

There was a perfect pole right directly in front of the entrance. I try to always be as bold as possible so I decided to yarnbomb that pole. However I was not so bold that I wanted to do it while the museum was open. The security guards work very hard at that museum. So my partner and I sat in the cafe eating shockingly good hamburgers with homemade french fries. At 5 in the dark I sewed up this piece. It’s hard to thread a needle in the dark. A stock photographer came by and started taking pictures , but just of the building , not of me. It was much calmer once we were both there plying our trade.

So what’s the story with putting up knitting in front of all these museums?

Well I love art museums and we like to yarn bomb places we approve of. But there is also this funny and fun conundrum. You go to a museum to make art but you never see street art in museums because by it’s nature it has to be on a street. So we put our street art very very near the museum so you can still see it at the museum.