Yarnbombing, Dating and The New York Times

Several weeks ago  I got an inquiry from The New York Times about my yarnbombing and I swooned. The New York Times!  My father would be so happy! I had wanted to be in the New York Times but I hoped that it would happen Someday , not so soon. I savored the swoony feeling and thought pleasurably about how an article in The New York Times would probably give me everything I ever wanted.  I also had a sinking feeling that this might be  hard and end badly.

I set up a phone date with the reporter and sat faithfully by the phone  for 2 hours and waited for her to call .  She didn’t call.  I e-mailed her and she quickly responded that there had been an earthquake and tsunami in Japan and that she would call me another time . Well . Japan , yes , that did seem more important. So I waited  and waited and waited and she didn’t call, she didn’t write , despite my checking my mail  obsessively. One morning as I was staring fixedly at my e-mail I thought  “This is such a familiar awful feeling. What was it reminding me of ? ”

Then I realized it . I t was just like dating. I hated dating.

It was the waiting around that I hated. So what I did when I was dating is-I picked who I wanted to date and I called him. I didn’t need to have that ” Oh he has to pick me” feeling to feel wanted.

So I gave up on TNYT and thought  ” I  don’t need them , I  am just great with out them . ” So then they called.

So I did an hour interview on the phone on the way to the airport and my teeth only chattered a little bit. I gave her a list of other people to call and flew away.

Then another really long time went by and I gave up again . After a n interminable time the reporter wrote me and said ” My editors need to know your real name or your age , one or the other. Tell us.”

Terrible-I am totally wedded to my anonymity  but I really wanted to be in TNYT. Since this was dating I cornered a girlfriend and talked her ear off for 2 straight hours and then decided I couldn’t tell them my age or name, that I would be betraying what I believed in. So I wrote a little impassioned plea for anonymity and then waited for several more weeks and heard nothing. Then I heard that the article would soon be coming out and I kept checking for it . And then it came out  And everyone I had suggested to the reporter was in it and I wasn’t.

Oh man . Rejected . They broke up with me ! And they had started it ! The reporter told me that her editors had wanted it to be more international. Oh there’s always some reason the other person has to leave you.

I hope to get over this eventually

This flowery piece is my first commission , for Harvey, who waited 7 months for it. We all wait and make others wait.

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