Another Jimmy Beans Pole Cosy

I knit this piece for Jimmy Beans and afterwords realized the yellow ruffles were a tribute to their fried egg yolks.

It was very reassuring to go out yarn bombing today. I had been wringing my hands over the rain and what would happen to all our knitting. When we first began putting up knitting on poles in June we got a lot of encouragement but we also got some sharp remarks . someone wrote ” I hate how yarn bombing gets dirty and ragged and ratty when it rains and becomes such an eyesore”. Of course this being a negative remark it had burned itself into my mind so much more than the positive remarks. We drove around today to check on our older pieces on Claremont and in the Elmwood area and they were FINE. A little damp but more like they had been washed. We repaired them and sewed on new fabric tags.We haven’t been out in a while and it was so nice to have people stop and compliment our work. We all need praise for the things we really want to be praised for even if we think we shouldn’t need it. I tend to judge if the knitting is being enjoyed totally on the remarks we get on the blog and forget the pieces are out in the real world. I especially liked it when a woman stopped and told me her 4 year old daughter was obsessed with the poles.The Russian hopes that when little kids see knitted street art it will give them a bigĀ  free picture of what you can create.