Yarnbombing Charlotte, North Carolina

I was walking around Charlotte with my brother looking for yarnbombing sites. My brother is not a yarnbomber but he got interested in looking at various poles and bike racks. I was  seeing a lot of detail about Charlotte that I had never noticed before. All the street signs were perched on strips or bent metal so they were no good. When I come to a new city I always bring a lot of knitting-I bring a large plastic bag full of different sizes of yarnbombs to try and prepare for whatever I might find. I also bring a lot of knitting to calm my frayed nerves after I have been sneaking around putting yarnbombs up.

We walked past The Discovery Museum and I noticed a bike rack that was really cute. We walked past it again and my brother pointed it out and said  “That’s a good rack”.  I walked past it with my 7 year old nephew and he pointed to it and said I should yarnbomb it. So I did.

There were really interesting bike racks in front of  The Bank Of America Head quarters. They had a U shaped pole suspended in between 2 wide ridged” park your horse here” type  poles.  Unfortunately they also had multitudes of police men standing in front of them guarding them and The Bank Of America Head quarters. I try to be very bold but I’m not an idiot so I moved down the street.

I like the library in Charlotte , it had a fountain, lots of books and nice racks. I liked that men would sort of sit lean on this rack, so I made it more comfortable.

All this yarnbombing was nerve racking so I retired to my hotel and sat in the lobby on a sofa and had a cup of tea. I nagged everyone I saw to bring me a cookie and finally the man at the front desk brought some on a glass pedestal. I ate my cookie and finished knitting my final yarnbomb.
I had picked out a bike rack in front of Coco’s restaurant. This is my nephews’ favorite joint so I wanted to appreciate it. Mercifully it had gotten dark and there was a nice line of waiting taxis to hide behind. I sat comfortably on the ground and sewed. When I finished a man came up excitedly and said ” Oh I have seen this on the Internet, people knit all over everything. What is it called?”

“Yarnbombing” I said.