De Young Museum Pole #3

We walked down the street to a pole near the pond on the side of The De Young Museum. It was right at a crosswalk where the taxis drop people off to go to the museum. I think we offered them some unexpected entertainment. The Russian knit this piece, she likes to knit very complicated pieces with a lot of color. I  hand spin most of the yarn on my spinning wheel, we use about 70 to 80 different colors. Maybe 100.

Do you see the sphinx in the back of the picture? I never noticed that there were sphinx at The De Young until today. The world has so much detail we don’t notice. You see some interesting details when you stand in place sewing knitting onto a pole that you might not see otherwise.

It was especially pleasant talking to passers by today. We always tell them that this is a kind of street art called yarn bombing, that we  have  have put pieces up all over the East Bay { 60 so far ], and that we were installing in Golden Gate Park because it is so beautiful. After we were done we went into the cafe at the museum. Their cookies have really improved.

yarnbombing and other blogs

It has been a big week for this knitting to show up on the web. It’s very compelling to read other people’s blogging on our yarnbombing and thank goodness we are anonymous which makes it feel very interesting but distant.This was a funny entry in The Daily Clog here, a kind piece in knitfinder,the piece in Berkeleyside that I posted on the blog and a wonderfully insulting piece in The  SFist. I like being sneered at as much as the next person but I was surprised by the hit about spinning our own yarn . Why buy yarn if you can make yourself? Well , it’s always nice to be a trend.

This blogging and putting up pictures of the knitting is it’s own separate world,There’s the pleasure of making the pieces, the enjoyment of the process of sewing them up and talking to passersby, looking at the street with knitting in it  and then the interchange of opinions in the virtual world. I am always pleased when I come upon one of them on a street and glad that other people are seeing them as part of their walking around in their daily lives.I knit with total love for  knitting as an art form- and for joy.

Another Jimmy Beans Pole Cosy

I knit this piece for Jimmy Beans and afterwords realized the yellow ruffles were a tribute to their fried egg yolks.

It was very reassuring to go out yarn bombing today. I had been wringing my hands over the rain and what would happen to all our knitting. When we first began putting up knitting on poles in June we got a lot of encouragement but we also got some sharp remarks . someone wrote ” I hate how yarn bombing gets dirty and ragged and ratty when it rains and becomes such an eyesore”. Of course this being a negative remark it had burned itself into my mind so much more than the positive remarks. We drove around today to check on our older pieces on Claremont and in the Elmwood area and they were FINE. A little damp but more like they had been washed. We repaired them and sewed on new fabric tags.We haven’t been out in a while and it was so nice to have people stop and compliment our work. We all need praise for the things we really want to be praised for even if we think we shouldn’t need it. I tend to judge if the knitting is being enjoyed totally on the remarks we get on the blog and forget the pieces are out in the real world. I especially liked it when a woman stopped and told me her 4 year old daughter was obsessed with the poles.The Russian hopes that when little kids see knitted street art it will give them a big  free picture of what you can create.