Getting to be on NPR- Knitting Resurgence

There is a news program called”‘On Point With Tom Ashbrook” that did a one hour program today on “The Resurgence Of Knitting”. On Sat. night they sent me an e-mail and asked if I would pre interview  on Monday to talk about yarnbombing on the show Well, NPR. Everyone loves NPR. So I had an excellent interview with Kathleen Osborn and they asked me to be on the show. This was very great but I had jury duty and I had a wicked cough. This worked well, I coughed in jury duty, they ushered me out and this morning ” On Point ” called me and put me on hold until Tom was ready.

It was a very soothing show. Everyone was talking about sheep and back to the land, charity knitting, the meditative aspects of knitting. Time was ticking by. I wondered if they would get to me . I wondered if I would cough. I really wondered if yarnbombing would go with the sheep.

At last they put me on. I  described the wonderful way knitting looked on the street.And how we put knitting up in front of museums to question the nature of art.There was a long pause. Everyone went on to discuss children and knitting . Tom was truly kind. So there it was.

Knitting is so many things. And yarnbombing is a great knitting  twist and shout.

The show is here. I’m at the end at 37.05