Yarnbombing And Getting Rich ; Yarnbombing Lark Books – Again

Yarnbombing is a poor way to make money . Although when I have been out yarnbombing on the street sometims someone will stop and hand me a five. I spent so much time last year yarnbombing that I had to give myself a loan. But the great thing about money and yarnbombing is this-  yarnbombing showed me that if you are willing  to not get paid , to not ask permission and to be calm about policemen –

you can do anything you want..

And almost everything you want.

I love Lark Books . They make the most beautiful books about Art Craft on the planet . I visited them last year and yarnbombed the outside of their building and had a delightful visit with 3 of their editors and Beth Sweet gave me 3 books which was the best reward for yarnbombing I could imagine .

However the city of Asheville took the yarnbomb just a few days later.

This left me with an interesting quandary . Should I put up a new yarnbomb in front of the Lark building this year when I knew it would be taken right down again ? I looked at my beautiful handspun hand knit yarnbomb and I couldn’t do it.

I let my problem sit calmly in my mind. Last year Amanda Carestio had rashly given me her business card and I had carefully saved it. So this is what I thought – if i didn’t feel good about yarnbombing the outside of the building – maybe Lark would let me yarnbomb the inside of the building. I have found that people will let me yarnbomb anything if I ask , it’s quite amazing. So I e-mailed Amanda and she said  ” Yes !”

Amanda kindly sent me some pictures and I dug around in my embarrassingly large bag of yarnbombs . I packed up a huge bag of knitting options and flew off to Asheville. Amanda ushered me into the building and I saw this thrilling bright red staircase and knew that this was the perfect item to yarnbomb so I began sewing it up.

The director of lark – John Serena was interested in this activity – fortunately – and came out and talked to me . Book publishing is very interesting and some day I’d really like to write a book . After a nice chat John looked at me and said  “Last year we gave you a book didn’t we ? ”

” Yes – 3 books ! ‘ I said fondly .

” Well I tell you what – I’m going to take you down to our store room an give you a box and let you take as many books as you like and we will ship them to you ”

Oh my God.

We went downstairs through a big maze of furniture and boxed books . John showed me a whole room of shelved books , gave me my box and said ” Take whatever you want  .”

I looked at all those hundreds of books and said ‘” This is like a dream ”

I began looking through books . I was happy to see I owned many many of them already . There were books on glass bead making , knitting , crocheting, wire jewelry , artist journals , pottery , glass blowing , photography , cupcakes – everything you could possibly want . It was 5.oo . Every one was leaving the building . I could hear things being locked up . I became gripped by the idea that I would be locked in all night with all these books .

I picked out books faster . Was I being greedy ? Yes !

I hesitated but pressed on. I wrote my address on the box which was full and picked out a crocheting book and a glass beadmaking book to take with me . Just in case they changed their minds . And I left

I felt supremely rich .

Yarnbombing Lark Books, Asheville, N.C.

Suddenly I had a brilliant idea. I should go to Asheville and yarnbomb Lark books. I adore Lark books-they publish beautiful books on craft, extremely beautiful craft. My favorite books are their 500 series –  collections of photos of  handmade beads, pitchers, knives, chairs, bracelets, necklaces and lots more. I have an entire book case of their art.

I flew to Charlotte and drove to Asheville. I parked at Earth Guild and walked down the hill and over to Lark publishing. It was hot and people were playing bongos. I had my measuring tape in my pocket.

Lark Books is a large new brick building with a alluring  closed bookstore storefront  and a sign on the door saying ” We are a publishing house, not a bookstore”. I pressed my nose to the glass and looked in longingly.

There were no poles in front of Lark books but there were 2 fine parking meters. I measured them and walked back to my car. I got my bag of yarnbombs and yarnbombed the flatiron corner. {More on that later}  A woman came by and told me flatly ” They will never let you keep that up. It will be down in an hour”

This was very discouraging. Maybe I shouldn’t yarn bomb Lark books. I trudged along. Then my mind cleared ” These pieces are a gift. I just give them ” I thought.” It doesn’t matter at all if they take them down”

I sat down at Larks’ parking meter and started to sew.  I had a really decorative yarnbomb for them-with red knit roses. Suddenly a man shouted ”  We know what this is! Crocheted Yarnbombing !’ { This is almost true}

I was a little startled.  I looked up and there were 3 very bright faced people smiling at me. One woman had a stack of extremely good looking books under her arm . I wanted to gently pull them away from her and sit on the sidewalk and read them. ” We work at Lark books and we saw what you were doing and we ran out to see”  the young man said.

This was great. I told them how I loved their books and collected them all.The blonde woman, Beth disappeared . Chris took pictures.  It was so fun to talk to them. Beth reappeared and handed me  3 beautiful new  books , ” The Masters Series ”  books on Earthenware, Quilts and Collage. I was floored. { Have I told you how much I love those books ? }

I think this was the best thing that has happened to me while I have been yarnbombing. Read what Lark Books wrote here.