Yarnbombing and Winston Churchill : The Temescal Library , Oakland , Ca.

When I’m not thinking about The Civil War I sometimes think about Winston Churchill. I like his quote “Never , never , never , never give in ” And to the French he declared ; ” Whatever you may do , we shall fight on forever and ever and ever. ”

This may seem an extreme motto for a yarnbomber but it’s more about going on and making art every day under all circumstances. I know Churchill was probably racist and anti Semitic but he was so wonderfully undefeatable. He invented the tank and he was a tank .

I love this quote too” Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous states have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule , we shall not flag or fail . We shall go on to the end . We shall fight in France , we shall fight on the seas and oceans , we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air , we shall defend our island , whatever the cost may be , we shall fight on the beaches , we shall fight on the landing grounds , we shall fight on the fields and in the streets , we shall fight in the hills ; we shall never surrender . ”

Ok I hope you’re feeling strengthened

I was really worn out on Wednesday and I accidently slept until 12 . I wanted to yarnbomb the Temescal library in Oakland as part of my Oakland Library series so I shoved my clothes on , ate some dark chocolate with cherries and stomped off to the Temescal Library .

The library is actually pretty fine , it’s a graceful old brick building on Broadway and 52 . There’s a bus stop right in front of it with a bench and a pretty little lawn . I stood in front of the Library and looked for things to yarnbomb . The railings were shapely and alluring but I was not in the mood to do any thing nerve racking or questionable . I wanted to make a gift to the library not vandalize it . I decided to yarnbomb the 3 loop bike rack on the left . It took a long time to sew it up by myself but it was an enjoyable self contained task.

When I was done the manager of the library came out and was wildly enthusiastic . That’s always nice . And the thing was – the knitting did change the whole street . It looked like their was art present . It made the street and the library look interesting , colorful , disconcerting and new.

Yarnbombing works !

I have a friend Maria Mortati who has a mobile museum . I want a mobile museum . She has a blog here with a bit about yarnbombing.

Yarnbombing and How Art Sustains Us : The Piedmont Library Yarnbombing

” Oh streetcolor ‘ you might say ” What happened to your grand scheme to yarnbomb all the Oakland Libraries ? You make these big plans , where’s the yarnbombing ? ” Well my life went into an avalanche and I’ve been crawling around and occasionally spinning a little on my drop spindle . For 2 weeks . Then yesterday I was still  tired out but I thought I really wanted to yarnbomb . So I drove over to the Piedmont library in Oakland and put up this little bike rack. And after I had yarnbombed I felt so much better – tired but I felt energy in my body -I felt fed.

I knew that making art is a big energy source in my life but this was  experiencing art as food. Sometimes when I’m endlessly eating chocolate and peanut butter I think ” Maybe you should look at an art book ! ”  I do and I calm down and feel full . Looking at art , knitting , spinning , drawing , beading , looking at my art books – I need hours of this every day to stay happy and content . Are you hungry for something ?

So this little bike rack came from a Toulouse  Lautrec print I liked . It was of a French woman in a ruffled orange shirt and a ruffled blue skirt . I wanted the ruffles to flow out of the knitting .

I seem fixed on bike racks  . I love seeing the knitting on the curve .  A woman was unlocking her bike as I sewed up this piece and I think she was sorely puzzled by my activity .

I look for activities that get me more into the moment . People have told me to be in the moment and I thought it meant- get into the moment and endure being really bored. But now getting into the moment feels like ‘”relax and enjoy how great life is  ” . I can feel energy flowing . When I was sewing up this yarnbomb I felt the sun on my body and saw shafts of light on the street. It was warm and cool and someone was playing the banjo. I like pulling a needle through knitting . The wool felt cushy over the cold hard metal. Very delicious .

This Piedmont Library yarnbomb is the 2nd Oakland Library yarnbomb in my series . The library was open  and all sorts of people were ambling in and out enjoying their books. Libraries are the best part of a community I think. I love them . Thank you libraries.

My link today is to a little article in Diablo Magazine about The Orinda Library Bike Rack  .  Here.

This is a funny story -when we put up this bike rack I thought that no one would ever see it because it is so secluded . It’s in a in a sculpture garden off the street . And I thought ” It’s ok if no one sees it , I love this library and I want to honor it .

And this yarnbomb ended up In Diablo Magazine and in Time magazine .

You never know what”s going to happen.