Yarnbombing And Spiderman

yarnbomb at The Asheville Citizen Times

So what do Spiderman and yarnbombers have in common? Other than the obvious-We both can shoot webs out of our hands and fly around?

1. Spiderman wears a disguise. Wouldn’t it be great to get to wear that Spiderman disguise while your yarnbombing?  Though it would be hard to see out of the eyes I think. I would dearly love to wear a pirate  outfit while I yarnbomb. I  wear a pair of sunglasses.

2. Spiderman is out all over the city  interacting with everyone. You can’t  hang around  at home all the time and be a yarnbomber.

3. Spiderman is anonymous-totally separate identity from Peter Parker. Being anonymous, making up a new name is truly really wonderful and empowering.  I suggest a secret identity for everyone.

4. Spiderman has been bitten by a bug.  Like us.

5. Spidey sense. OK- no joking around, you need your intuition as a yarnbomber -to make good art,  pick good sites and to keep out of trouble with The Authorities. The first time I yarnbombed  my intuition said ” Sit down and wait until the police car drives by-then sew up your yarnbomb.” I sat down , eat a peanut butter cookie and a police car drove right up. The car drove past , then I sewed her up.

I like it when the yarnbombs get to be in a newspaper. I thought it would be fun to yarnbomb the Asheville Citizen Times while I was in Asheville. They didn’t write anything but this cool  French blog did  Read it here.

Leanne Prain of the book “Yarnbombing” that fired me up  writes about yarnbombing on her blog “Yarnbombing” we were included in her “Global Yarnbombing Roundup”  Here.

I meant these to be black roses but The Russian liked them because she thought they were black tarantulas.

Yarnbombing Lark Books, Asheville, N.C.

Suddenly I had a brilliant idea. I should go to Asheville and yarnbomb Lark books. I adore Lark books-they publish beautiful books on craft, extremely beautiful craft. My favorite books are their 500 series –  collections of photos of  handmade beads, pitchers, knives, chairs, bracelets, necklaces and lots more. I have an entire book case of their art.

I flew to Charlotte and drove to Asheville. I parked at Earth Guild and walked down the hill and over to Lark publishing. It was hot and people were playing bongos. I had my measuring tape in my pocket.

Lark Books is a large new brick building with a alluring  closed bookstore storefront  and a sign on the door saying ” We are a publishing house, not a bookstore”. I pressed my nose to the glass and looked in longingly.

There were no poles in front of Lark books but there were 2 fine parking meters. I measured them and walked back to my car. I got my bag of yarnbombs and yarnbombed the flatiron corner. {More on that later}  A woman came by and told me flatly ” They will never let you keep that up. It will be down in an hour”

This was very discouraging. Maybe I shouldn’t yarn bomb Lark books. I trudged along. Then my mind cleared ” These pieces are a gift. I just give them ” I thought.” It doesn’t matter at all if they take them down”

I sat down at Larks’ parking meter and started to sew.  I had a really decorative yarnbomb for them-with red knit roses. Suddenly a man shouted ”  We know what this is! Crocheted Yarnbombing !’ { This is almost true}

I was a little startled.  I looked up and there were 3 very bright faced people smiling at me. One woman had a stack of extremely good looking books under her arm . I wanted to gently pull them away from her and sit on the sidewalk and read them. ” We work at Lark books and we saw what you were doing and we ran out to see”  the young man said.

This was great. I told them how I loved their books and collected them all.The blonde woman, Beth disappeared . Chris took pictures.  It was so fun to talk to them. Beth reappeared and handed me  3 beautiful new  books , ” The Masters Series ”  books on Earthenware, Quilts and Collage. I was floored. { Have I told you how much I love those books ? }

I think this was the best thing that has happened to me while I have been yarnbombing. Read what Lark Books wrote here.