A Shory Report on Pt. Reyes Knitting

We were really happy to see our knitted bannister was still up in PT. Reyes Station and in good condition after all the rain. A little shrunken.When we sewed it on in Sept. we had labeled it with a paper laminated label I think. We knew these labels wouldn’t last and we have switched to cloth labels.I like how these cloth labels refer to garments. They also get the pieces all ready to go to summer camp.

Other People’s Blogs About Streetcolor Blog

It turns out that yarnbombing is something people like to blog about.Well me of course, but also folks out and about looking around and having adventures, commenting on surprises.It’s a real joy and a enveloping feeling to see the knitting on other blogs.

Here are a few.

http://hans roenau.blogspot