Yarnbombing and Handspinning

Yarnbomb at California College of Arts

You may know that we handspin all our yarn. Mostly on drop spindles.  People are amazed and dumbfounded by this . Horrified even. But really ,in a way, I yarnbomb so I can sit and spin on my drop spindle.I need hours of repetitive hand movement to be able to think really clearly. Some people really need to always be doing something with their hands. I was a kid who sat at the dinner table every night ripping my paper napkins into tiny perfect strips. I fondly remember completely covering a desk in high school with foil gum wrappers, so pretty, and driving the school janitors into madness. So now I have found a true reason to get to knit and spin ALL THE TIME.

Some people need to get to play cards all the time. You know who you are.

The Russian and I did a pretty big installation at CCA In Oakland a couple of weeks ago. I went there for ceramics and textiles and The Russian is interested in it.The young woman in Oakland are very kind and encouraging. “Very pretty” They would murmer as they walked by.You’ve already seen the bike rack we put on campus.

Yarnbombing is beautiful. And unnecessary, which makes it even better.