Yarnbombing and De Yarnbombing – Pt. Reyes Station

You want to run and jump into yarnbombing . It’s really best if you don’t think much about what is going to happen to your yarnbombs , thinking will only slow you down. Make thrilling work – get it up . Later on different things will happen , some yarnbombs get taken right down by authorities , some are swiped by teenagers or even gangs , some will become famous and some yarnbombs will stay up  forever or until you take them down . I did not expect this at all and now I have many yarnbombs which have been up for months and months.

I put yarnbombs up to enjoy looking at them and at some point I don’t like looking at them  if they are getting ripped and smudged . I didn’t want to be sad when I took them down so I have started knitting replacement yarnbombs . A favorite piece of ours is a bannister we put up in Pt. Reyes Station , a tranquil little town along the coast  . We have gotten lots of blogs and remarks on this particular bit of knitting and we wanted to reward this loving energy . So we knit 2 new bright glass colored yarnbombs to replace the old bannister. We  had a calm and beautiful drive out and went excitedly over to see our old yarnbombs .

As you can see – the old piece looked pretty good still although all our tags had been cut off and it was a little shrucken from being outside and rained on for 8 months . Still – not bad ! We cut it down any way and sewed on our 2 new pieces . The Russian knit these pieces and I put on the ruffles. As we sewed the knitting on the bannister lots of people stopped to ask us what this was . I thought everyone knew what yarnbombing was and were already sick of it . So I was glad that yarnbombing was still news to so many.

I get a lot of energy from talking to people when I am yarnbombing , especially if they keep saying ” Beautiful Beautiful ! ” I realized a long time ago that life was simple -if you have too little energy you fell bad and depressed and if you have lots of energy you feel great . How do you get lots of energy with out becoming a wee drug fiend ? I always make art for energy but you can also eat chocolate , run around outside looking at trees , go look at art , visit babies , see your favorite people ,  take 3 breaths . Or go out and talk to everyone as you yarnbomb.

I know people who talk about their passions from the time they get up in the morning until they go to bed at night . This is an interesting way to get energy and I would like to try it .

When we were done sewing these yarnbombs the kind man who owns the Pt. Reyes Bookstore bought us 2 short bread cookies , one chocolate cherry cookie and 2 cups of peppermint tea as a reward for our street art . This is an excellent way to thank us if you ever want to.

So I took those old yarnbombs home and washed them. They are a little felted and full of holes but still quite beautiful.

This is a great Oakland blog with A zany yarnbomb of mine at the Oakland library here .