Yarnbombing at The Wonderful Cantor Art Center , Palo Alto

Have you been to the Cantor Art Center Museum? It has a great California art collection, I especially love the Frank Stella- it’s one of the big 3-d metal wall pieces. The building is very soothing, there is a green leafy sculpture garden filled with those heavy soft and clayish Rodin sculptures. The cafe has great butterscotch custard and there are little cafe tables outside overlooking the sculpture. My partner loves the Andy Goldsworthy wall. And it’s free! All the time!

We wandered deliciously through the museum and then waited around until it closed.There was an excellent Stop sign pole across the street from the entrance . I started sewing sitting on the sidewalk, it was balmy and smelled like lawn and grass. My partner played his ukelele. Suddenly I thought “Campus Security Guards! Sew faster!” I sewed, I labeled, I photographed very fast. It was pretty dark. I was just stuffing everything back in my pack when their they were.  They looked thoughtfully at me for some time then drove slowly away. I walked nervously back to my get away car and said ” Let’s go right now!’ My partner threw down his ukelele and we sped off. Our hearts pounding.