Yarnbombing Bart and Power

  I’ve gotten interested in how art gives us this power in  the outside world . When I first put up yarnbombing on a street I was startled by how   the street changed , the domestic  colorful knitting made the street look new .  A lot of people stopped and fiddled around with the knitting for a moment , they would get in a more cheerful state .  I thought you had to go through layers of permission to change a city-with yarnbombing you don’t.  Yarnbombing didn’t hurt anything so I continued on with my strange new power.

I wanted to knit a seat cover for the sorry seats on Bart . We are famous here in the Bay Area for our disheveled  Bart Seats .  Man , I would have loved to knit the whole train – it would have been so graffitish –  but I’m going to need some help for that .  I began riding around on the train to get my measurements.

It’s interesting to watch people on Bart , everyone is trying to stay private with their books and newspapers , ipods and knitting , looking out the window, dozing .  Everyone is trying to make things a little more pleasant for themselves .We know we have this power to make our own lives a little happier. I wanted to suggest that we have a power to make the whole train better.

Have you seen the pictures of people bringing their own chairs on Bart ? Someone had even brought a padded armchair. I thought it would be fresh if we all made art covers and put them on the seats instead of waiting patiently and numbly for Bart to meditate itself to a solution . I would love to make one hundred covers.

So I have been riding around on Bart sitting on my nice clean knitted cover .   I fold it up and carry it off  when I get home . You can make any situation better with a little art.

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