Yarnbombing And Crocheting : Rockridge Library , Oakland

I taught my mother how to crochet when I was 9 or 10. I think small children should be taught how to sew , knit , crochet , bake bread , make shoes , play the piano and speak French and then they can go home and teach their parents . This will make the world a better place . This is my plan .

So any way I taught my mother to crochet and she made a white , orange and black acrylic afghan which we treasured and took to hockey games for years . I must have taught myself to crochet from a book . My crocheting career has had many highlights. I took a college course in crochet , I crocheted a lumpy pink bathing cap that looked sort of like a brain . I also crocheted my way through 2 encyclopedias of crochet patterns a few years ago , I really enjoyed that a lot . For yarnbombing crocheting is supreme for adding large , luxurious,Victorian looking flowers .

The vigerous right hand movement of crocheting makes me feel very busy and productive I . I notice that sewing , beading , knitting , drop spinning , wheel spinning , crocheting each have their own movement and each movement calms me in a different way like a special tuning of my body . Drop spinning clears my mind and lets thoughts form easily. Sewing beads is best for despair. Crocheting is beat for building enthusiasm.

I imagine people who play lots of instruments or like to do different kinds of exercise have these fine points too.

I sewed this yarnbomb up last Wednesday outside the Rockridge Library in Oakland . It’s the third in my Oakland library series. As I was sewing a young man in sunglasses sat down near me and started smoking a cigarette. He stared at me and then suddenly focused on what I was doing and said ” That’s vandalism you know . I should call the police . ”

I stiffened for a second and then realized he was joking . ” The Oakland police don’t care . ” I said ” We had 7 police watch us put up a yarnbomb once ‘

“I know ” he said . ” I paint murals now but I used to tag . I loved it , but you can get sent to jail for it ! Jail for art , can you imagine ? ‘

I imagined and was very glad that I have never been .

A small article in the Piedmont Patch about the yarnbomb at their library.  here.

Some more crocheted flowers from my yarnbombing past.

Yarnbombing and How Art Sustains Us : The Piedmont Library Yarnbombing

” Oh streetcolor ‘ you might say ” What happened to your grand scheme to yarnbomb all the Oakland Libraries ? You make these big plans , where’s the yarnbombing ? ” Well my life went into an avalanche and I’ve been crawling around and occasionally spinning a little on my drop spindle . For 2 weeks . Then yesterday I was still  tired out but I thought I really wanted to yarnbomb . So I drove over to the Piedmont library in Oakland and put up this little bike rack. And after I had yarnbombed I felt so much better – tired but I felt energy in my body -I felt fed.

I knew that making art is a big energy source in my life but this was  experiencing art as food. Sometimes when I’m endlessly eating chocolate and peanut butter I think ” Maybe you should look at an art book ! ”  I do and I calm down and feel full . Looking at art , knitting , spinning , drawing , beading , looking at my art books – I need hours of this every day to stay happy and content . Are you hungry for something ?

So this little bike rack came from a Toulouse  Lautrec print I liked . It was of a French woman in a ruffled orange shirt and a ruffled blue skirt . I wanted the ruffles to flow out of the knitting .

I seem fixed on bike racks  . I love seeing the knitting on the curve .  A woman was unlocking her bike as I sewed up this piece and I think she was sorely puzzled by my activity .

I look for activities that get me more into the moment . People have told me to be in the moment and I thought it meant- get into the moment and endure being really bored. But now getting into the moment feels like ‘”relax and enjoy how great life is  ” . I can feel energy flowing . When I was sewing up this yarnbomb I felt the sun on my body and saw shafts of light on the street. It was warm and cool and someone was playing the banjo. I like pulling a needle through knitting . The wool felt cushy over the cold hard metal. Very delicious .

This Piedmont Library yarnbomb is the 2nd Oakland Library yarnbomb in my series . The library was open  and all sorts of people were ambling in and out enjoying their books. Libraries are the best part of a community I think. I love them . Thank you libraries.

My link today is to a little article in Diablo Magazine about The Orinda Library Bike Rack  .  Here.

This is a funny story -when we put up this bike rack I thought that no one would ever see it because it is so secluded . It’s in a in a sculpture garden off the street . And I thought ” It’s ok if no one sees it , I love this library and I want to honor it .

And this yarnbomb ended up In Diablo Magazine and in Time magazine .

You never know what”s going to happen.